Primary planet of the Aurussi Mandate.

Auruss is ruled by Her Illustrious Luminance, The Most Serene and Noble Empress Agessa Kene.

Auruss is a plateau world, composed of large flat or rolling continents surrounded by steep cliff-like drop-offs into a nearly bottomless ocean. Ocean travel is almost unheard-of, as access to the water is quite difficult in most locations. Aurussi culture developed air travel before getting much beyond the single-masted sailing ship.

The planet has resources to spare, with plenty of fertile soil and mineral deposits. Only on such a planet could politics and posturing become so important.

Aurussis are very concerned with image, honour and family rank. Empress Kene is matriarch of a sprawling royal family that holds almost all of the significant leadership roles on the planet and in the Mandate. The politics played by members of the royal family for positions in government is complex, ruthless and unfailingly civil. Members are reluctant to take positions off-planet because it takes them away from “the game” and invariably results in permanent loss of status.

Auruss is also the seat of the Aurussi Mandate, the beginnings of an ascendancy that has been halted in its tracks by the arrival of Moff Rhugo and The Empire.


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