Moff Beravi Rhugo

Moff Berav Rhugo is a veteran Empire commander. So “veteran”, in fact, that his superiors have been looking for a place to put him so new blood can be promoted, because Rhugo has reached the peak of his abilities. He’ll never be promoted again. He was an unspired General, and he was given the position of Moff to shut him up and shuffle him off.

Varcaya Sector seemed perfect. They’ve given Rhugo some troops and a mission and sent him off to the far end of nowhere, to hopefully never hear from him again, with hopes that he will spend the rest of his life routing out non-existent rebels in a backwater.

Rhugo is aware that he has been dumped here, and his bitterness is evident in the brutality he uses to accomplish his goals in Varcaya. Far more people were killed, and far more damage was done, in taking the planet Varcaya than was necessary. Rhugo is positive that by using massive shows of force he will pacify this sector quickly and return to show his superiors his true worth.

His plan is progressing slowly, however, as the Empire only provided him with the bare minimum of troops and equipment to do the job. He has been delayed as he is forced to rebuild Varcaya in order to support and equip his action in the rest of the Sector.

Rhugo is moderately competent, vindictive, aggressive and tends towards all-out attack rather than reasoned strategy.

Moff Beravi Rhugo

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