You think you know what “far flung” means? You think you know “isolated”?

Think again.

Welcome to Varcaya Sector, on the far edge of the Inner Rim, nestled in the borders of the Unknown Regions. There is only one star system in the sector with a safe Hyperspace Route to the rest of the galaxy, and it’s a long dangerous path. The Sector itself is a tangle of debris fields and gravitational anomalies, making safe navigation routes few and far between.

Varcaya Sector is a populated with number of small systems fighting for power, all nervously eyeing the handful of systems that guard the one way out. Resources are plentiful if you can fight your way to the planets that have them, or negotiate a trade. And if you don’t get hijacked on the way.

Into this mix of petty politics and small-scale warmongering comes the Empire. They have taken a few key worlds and made examples of them. Moff Berav Rhugo’s troops (and his pair of Star Destroyers: the Ravager and the Disruptor) are slowly moving through the Sector one system at a time.

The Campaign:

The PCs are from Auruss, an up-and-coming planet at the far end of the sector. The Aurussi realize that their fledgling plans for sector domination are severely hampered by the presence of the Empire. They are making plans to begin fighting against the Empire in their own sector, and they are looking to contact the rebels in the outside world.

The PCs are their emissaries.

Varcaya Sector -- Star Wars D6